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airMAX GigaBeam Plus 60 GHz Radio


    • airMAX AC 60 GHz Radio System with True Duplex Gigabit Performance.

      GBE-Plus is a 60 GHz Radio capable of supporting 1 Gbps rates with very low latency. GBE-Plus can be used as a high throughput backhaul/edge PTP solution in WISP deployments. Housed in a outdoor industrial design, the GBE-Plus achieves significant gain improvements with an integrated Cassegrain reflector design. The GBE-Plus is easily set-up, configured and managed through the UISP dashboard and UISP™️ Mobile app via Bluetooth.


      • Low-Interference 60 GHz Spectrum
      • 35 dBi Antenna Gain with Integrated Reflector
      • 1.5+ Gbps Bidirectional Throughput with Low Latency
      • Long Range, up to 1.5 km
      • link.ui.com Planning Support
      • Quick Setup Using the UISP™️ App via Bluetooth
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